Beers two biggest enemies are light and temperature. Beer should never come into contact with heat or light. Both will wreak havoc on your prized stash, and we’re sure everyone has heard of the term “skunky”. This is often a sign of a “light struck” beer. Colored beer bottles help some, with brown glass blocking the most sun light, green bottles offering less coverage, and clear glass bottles offer little to no protection from the sun’s beams of light.


To get the best tasting experience, you should store your beer in a cool area, away from direct light, sources of heat and in a constant temperature environment. Temperature is very important, and a major factor in the storing and serving aspects of beer. It also can become a real balancing act. Beer benefits from cool constant temperatures, usually around 50-55 degrees F is ideal for most beers. Higher temperatures and you’ll risk shortening the lifespan of your beer, lower and you’ll induce chill haze (cloudy). Two keep your beer tasting as fresh as possible, make sure you keep the light away and the temperatures cool and as constant as possible.

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