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Widmer Brothers Omission

Posted by Randy to the Blog

October 28, 2014

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Justin Vogelhut
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More than 30 years ago, Widmer Brothers opened a new door for beer drinkers in America, with their fresh, unique interpretation of the German Hefeweizen. It should be of no surprise that the brewers have opened another door with their Omission line of beers. Widmer Brewers have brewed three safe craft beers for the growing numbers of us who are living a Gluten reduced, or Gluten free lifestyle.

Brewers have been making and selling Gluten Free beers for at least the last ten years. They’ve accomplished this by designing their grist with grains and cereals that yield fermentable sugars, but are without the Gluten protein. Omitting (pun intended) barley and wheat malts which are the traditional sugar source for our modern beers, but which have the allergic gluten protein.

Although, we have as a species historically consumed fermented beverages made from all sorts of grains, we have grown accustomed (at least in the West) to the flavors produced by a mix of malted barley and wheat. Consequently, any attempt to replace the barley and wheat with another grain that does not contain gluten (like sorghum, millet, corn and rice) results in an unfamiliar flavor not associated with our beloved beer.

Recently I’ve seen a growing number of brewers reaching outside of the box by moving away from traditional English/ German inspired beer recipes by brewing Gluten free beers that play with the flavors developed by the non-gluten containing grains. Accepting the fact that brewers simply cannot recreate the traditional flavors of English/ German/ American style craft beers without barley and wheat malts. And, we’ve had some very interesting and tasty beers come to market.

But, there has long been a hole that needed filling. The hole I’m referring to is a beer that tastes like a English/ German/ American inspired ale, or lager that doesn’t have Gluten. The brewers at Widmer Brothers have accomplished this by repurposing an enzyme previously used for clarifying in the brewing process. But, by changing when they add the enzyme the Gluten proteins in the barley malt become severed. This results in the Omission brand Lager, Pale Ale and IPA which have all the flavors of their craft beer counterparts but without any of the allergens.

Check out this fun and informative video about the origins of the Omission beers 

Also, check out the Omission website for more information and stories of people like us who are excited to share how happy they are to be enjoying a beer with their friends.

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