Devil’s Backbone

16 Point Imperial IPA

Only a few of the boldest bucks possess the right balance of strength and aggression to mature into an elegant 16 point. So if you get your hands on this elusive creature, savor its beauty, but prepare...

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Bravo 4 Point

Golden copper in color, light to medium in body with an intense hop character that comes exclusively from kettle and dry hopping with Bravo hops. Orange, Blossom, Hop. Easy! Quick! Mobile! Our Daypack...

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Catty Wompus

A blend of old & new world techniques, ingredients, and flavors. Brewed both like an IPA & Belgian ale, it blends pine and citrus hop flavors with hints of apple and pear from a special Belgian yeast...

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Based on the traditional Gose brewing style, we added heaps of pureed cranberry to brew our refreshing Cran-Gose. Light and Fruity, Cran-Gose is pink hued with a cranberry aroma and a naturally tart...

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Danzig Baltic Porter

A Baltic-style porter that blends a strong English porter with a Germanic lager approach, fairly robust – this strong black lager has notes of chocolate and coffee with hints of caramelized sugar....

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Dark Abbey

Meet Abby, Azrael’s darker twin. This Belgian beauty is mysteriously alluring with a sultry flavor combination of brown sugar, plum and spices in a dark burgundy hue. Abby has a deep, rich flavor,...

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Eight Point IPA

A cornucopia of hop varieties imparts a floral-citrus aroma and a crisp bitterness to this medium-bodied ale. Concocted from Pilsen and a dash of Caramel malts, this burnished-golden brew has a sweet...

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Gold Leaf Lager

Gold Leaf Lager harkens back to the days when refreshing beers were made 100% from malted barley. Gold Leaf Lager is pale gold, light to medium bodied with subtle fresh bready notes, and a clean crisp...

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Ichabod Crandall

Named for the huntsman who roams the forests of Nelson County, Ichabod Crandall brings Devils Backbone's typical balance to a pumpkin ale. Brewmaster Jason Oliver designed the flavors to layer like...

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Kilt Flasher

The Kilt Flasher is a haerty Scottish Ale with a rich, warming complexity perfect for the onset of winter. Brown with ruby highlights, it's an ale packed with toffee and toasted malt flavors. Much...

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Schwartz Bier

Derived from the recipes of medieval Germanic brewers, our Schwartz Bier embodies a millennium of refinement. Shcwarzbier (literally: black beer) origionates from eastern Germany and is a window into...

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Striped Bass Pale Ale

The idea for Striped Bass Pale Ale was fittingly spawned on an island in the middle of the Chesapeake Bay while fishing for stripers in near gale force winds. Steve Crandall, Founder of Devils...

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Trail Angel

Thru-hiking the Appalachian Trail is one of the last great adventures in the United States. Along the way, hikers sometimes encounter Trail Magic, or random acts of kindness delivered by “Trail...

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Turbo Cougar

A strong gold lager for the unsuspecting prey. Gold in color, medium in body, a subtle malt character and smooth finish you can really sink your teeth into!

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Vienna Lager

Devils Backbone Vienna Lager, 2012 Gold World Beer Cup and 2009 Great American Beer Festival Silver Medal winner, is a chestnut colored lager with a malty aroma and subtle toasty sweetness derived...

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